Murder Charges

There is no criminal charge more serious than murder. The law office of David Slane & Associates houses the best attorneys for handling the most intense moments of your life. David Slane’s 20-plus years as a trial lawyer make him hands down the most dependable attorney for your murder case. The greatest possible results for your case are not only a promise, but what makes David Slane the top attorney for creating true justice in Oklahoma.

From first degree murder to shooting with the intent to kill, David Slane has actual courtroom results of DISMISSED CHARGES and NOT GUILTY VERDICTS.

If your life is on the line, you need an attorney in a capital murder case who understands the legal issues beyond that of his peers. That’s one of the reasons David Slane is the legal analyst for Fox 25.

The prosecution wastes no time on your case, so don’t let them gain an advantage. Use the contact form on the right, stop in for a consultation at 901 NW 12th Street in Oklahoma City, or please call 405-319-1800.

As the premier attorneys in Oklahoma, David Slane & Associates specialize in serving you:

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